Prioritizing & organizing tasks ensure keeping pace with the dynamic business landscape.







Mr. Khalid Mehmood has been associated with Mutual Fund Industry from almost two decades. As a fellow member of ICMAP he has represented ICMA Pakistan at various forums and also served its Karachi Branch Council at various capacities in the past. During his professional career, he exhibited sound leadership skills with a successful track record of system development and implementation. He was also the member of Professional Accountants in Business Committee of South Asian Federation of Accountants, an apex body of SAARC. Economy and governance are two subjects of his great interest which is very much evident by his dedicated contribution through number of valuable articles published in esteemed newspapers and journals.

As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), how do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

As the CFO of a leading Asset Management Company in the country, prioritizing and organizing task each day ensures keeping pace with the dynamic business landscape and rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Timely compliance with all the statutory requirements, reporting, and monitoring are the top priorities associated with my role.

I organize and prioritize my key responsibilities based on organization wide goals i.e. value maximization for investors and all other stakeholders without compromising on professional ethics and integrity. I always give due emphasis on optimizing company's financial resources; ensuring adequate controls to mitigate risks, and taking appropriate decisions to support and ensure business growth.

What 3 personal characteristics describe you the best?

Integrity, hardworking, and dedication

What is your management style?

Over the span of my professional career, my management style has undergone a transition from being directive & controlling to one which focuses more on collaborating together as a team. This ensures an environment in which everyone, as colleagues, can openly discuss and generate ideas fostering innovation within the company.

What do you do in your leisure time?

In my leisure I like to spend quality time with my family at home. As a hobby I like to read books and surf the internet to gain insights into my topics of interest such as financial market insight, documentaries on world leaders and innovation in the field of finance and accounting.