NBP Financial Sector Income Fund

Investors earned 15.7% p.a profit in January 2023*

NBP Financial Sector Income Fund

Investors earned 15.7% p.a profit in January 2023*

Investment Objective

NBP Financial Sector Income Fund (NFSIF) aims to provide income enhancement and preservation of capital by investing in prime quality Financial Sector TFCs/Sukuks, Bank deposits and short-term Money Market instruments.

About the Fund

NFSIF is a unique investment solution that provides better profits compared to standard saving options by investing primarily in Financial Sector Debt instruments, and bank deposits.

The Financial Sector represents industries such as Banks, other Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies etc. Investing in such industries not only has low risk because they are heavily regulated but also offer attractive profit rates on instruments issued by them. By investing a minimum of 70% of its assets in such financial sector instrument with no lock-in period, NFSIF is a great investment solution for investors.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Better profits compared to other saving options
  • No Lock-in period, withdraw investment at any point without any penalty
  • Professional management of your savings by expert Fund Managers with a proven track record
  • Optional Life and Accidental Insurance Coverage of up to Rs. 50 lacs (Terms & Conditions Apply).
  • No Back End Load

Choose this fund if you want to

  • Invest in Financial Sector fixed income securities
  • Attractive returns compared to other saving schemes
  • Keep your investment liquid, Withdrawl at any time without penalty.
Fund Facts
Launch date October 28, 2011
Category Open End Income Fund
Fund Size Rs. 63,119 million as at 30th November 2021
Risk Profile/Risk Erosion Medium/Principal at Medium risk
Stability Rating ‘A+(f)’ by PACRA
Management fees 6% of Net Income (min: 0.5% p.a., max: 1.5% p.a.) w.e.f 12-July-19. 0.54% p.a. of average net assets during the month
Benchmark 6-Month KIBOR
Dealing Time Click here to view
Load with Life Insurance: Amount upto Rs.5 million: 3%, Amount over and above Rs.5 million and up to Rs.25 million: 1%, Amount exceeding Rs.25 million, load will be charged on Rs.5 million: 3%
Load under Health Takaful Plan: Amount upto Rs. 4 million: 3%, Amount over and above Rs.4 million and up to Rs.25 million: 1%, Amount exceeding Rs.25 million, load will be charged on Rs. 4 million: 3%
Others: 1% (Nil if greater than 25 million)
Minimum Investment Growth units – Rs.10,000/-
Income units – Rs.100,000/-
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Fund Manager Salman Ahmed, CFA
Asset Manager Rating AM1 by PARCA (Very High Quality)

* Benchmark return during January 2023 was 17.4% p.a. Since inception return from 28-Oct-11 till 31-Jan-23 was 9.6% p.a. vs. benchmark return of 9.1% p.a. Last one year return till 31-Jan-23 was 15.0% p.a vs benchmark return of 15.0% p.a. Returns for fiscal year 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 were 10.7% , 7.8% , 13.5% , 9.3% , 6.0% respectively vs benchmark returns of 10.8% , 7.4% , 12.2% , 10.2% , 6.3% .; Notes: 1) The calculation of performance does not include cost of front end load. 2) Taxes apply. Further, tax credit also available as per section 62 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001; Disclaimer: All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Document to understand investment policies and the risks involved. The scheme holds certain non-compliant investments. Before making any investment decision, investors should review the latest monthly Fund Manager Report and Financial Statements. The reported returns may include provisioning and reversal of provisioning against some debt securities.

FUND PRICES-NAV (Mar 21, 2023)


Offer Price: 10.7875 / Redemption: 10.6670