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Retirement Plan

Rs. 50,000 invested per month in NAFA Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan grew to around 1.0 Crore in 10 years*

Retirement Plan

Rs. 50,000 invested per month in NAFA Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan grew to around 1.0 Crore in 10 years*

Retirement Plan

After working hard your whole life, retirement is a stage where you want to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. Due to inflation, cost of living like (rent, groceries, healthcare etc.) are increasing substantially. Umplanned retirement could lead to financial difficulties and dependence on others. Fortunately, financial planning and saving from an early stage ensures that life can be enjoyed to the fullest with financial independence post-retirement.

Don’t know where to start? Retirement Plan is your perfect solution to build savings to meet everyday expenses and enjoy post retirement. “Taakay barhti umer main aapki savings bane aapka sahara”

Why choose Retirement Plan?

  • Helps plan your financial commitments the way you want with easy saving options
  • Allows you to save from your income regularly
  • Grows your savings by investing them smartly as per your chosen strategy
  • Ensures financial security of your loved ones in unforeseen circumstances through built in life and accidental Takaful Coverage of up tp Rs. 50 Lacs (Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • Withdraw your investment at any time without penalty
  • Under the supervision of Shariah Supervisory Board including Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani, Mufti Muhammad Naveed Alam & Mufti Ehsan Waquar

Kiya Ap Nay Socha Hay?

Today is perfect, but what about tomorrow?

Comparison of Monthly Expenses Today Vs Tomorrow ( At 7% Inflation P.A. )
Current Monthly Expenses After 10 Years After 15 Years After 20 Years
Rs. 50 Hazar Rs. 1 Lac Rs. 1.4 Lacs Rs. 2 Lacs
Rs. 1 Lac Rs. 2 Lacs Rs. 2.8 Lacs Rs. 4 Lacs
Rs. 3 Lac Rs. 6 Lacs Rs. 8.3 Lacs Rs. 12 Lacs

Saving is just not enough!

Investing in the right place allows your savings to grow to combat increasing costs & meet your goals

Key Facts
Nature of Plan Open-end Shariah Compliant Savings Plan
Initial Investment Rs. 100,000
Regular Investment Minimum of Rs. 5,000
Investment Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or Annual
Front End Load 3%
Plan Tenure Options Based on your needs
Early Withdrawal Any time without any penalty
Built-in Takaful Feature**
Takaful Coverage Life and accidental death coverage
Sum Covered Net investment value or a maximum of Rs. 5 million
Applicable Premium Rates & Coverage 0.015% per month.
Eligibility for Takaful Min age of 18 years or max age of 65 years
Minimum Investment Value for Eligibility Rs. 80,000
Takaful Operator Jubilee Family Takaful
Saving Plans Stock Market Exposure Risk Profile Last 10 Year Performance of underlying funds***
Value Of Rs 10 Lacs
NBP Islamic Surmaya Tahaffuz Plan (NISTP)
Formerly; NAFA Islamic Surmaya Tahaffuz Plan
0% Moderate 21.0 Lacs
NBP Islamic Surmaya Munafa Plan (NISMP) Up to 27% Medium 25.4 Lacs
NBP Islamic Mutawazan Surmaya Plan (NIMSP)
Formerly; NAFA Islamic Mutawazan Surmaya Plan
Up to 45% Medium 28.5 Lacs
NBP Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan (NISIP)
Formerly; NAFA Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan
Up to 90% High 36.6 Lacs

Risk profile/ Risk of principal erosion: (NISTP) Moderate/Principal at Moderate Risk. (NISMP) and (NIMSP) Medium/Principal at Medium Risk. (NISIP) High/Principal at High Risk; *Terms & Conditions apply; **Perfromance of underlying funds based on the strategy plans is as follows NISTP: 100% NRFSF, NISMP:70% NRFSF and NISIF 30%, NIMSP:50% NRFSF and 50% NISIF, NISIP: 100% NISIF. NRFSF: NBP RIBA FREE SAVINGS FUND; NISIF: NBP ISLAMIC SARMAYA IZAFA FUND);

* Performance of underlying fund ending June 30, 2021. All investment in mutual funds/plans is subject to market risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Documents to understand the investment policies and the risks involved. The underlying scheme holds certain non-compliant investments. Before making any investments decision, investors should review the latest monthly Fund Manager Report and Financial Statements. NBP Funds will play a facilitating role by assisting the covered or the nominee in claim processing. However, the investor will be responsible to directly settle the claims/liabilities, if any, under this arrangement with the takaful company without any obligation on the part of the Management Company, Trustee and Funds/Plans.