Why Save & Invest?

Why Save & Invest?

Why Save and Invest?

The value of rupee today is worth more than a rupee tomorrow. If you keep your money idle in your back pocket your money will not grow over time (Opportunity Cost). Moreover, it will lose its value due to inflation (Loss in Purchasing Power).

At NBP Funds, we offer investor education, breaking down financial planning through our ‘why save and invest’ ideology, which is a great way to utilize your financial resources.

There are varying reasons why people “Save & Invest”. Let us look at a few:

Financial Security

People want to be financially secure and this is why they need to have extra money to be able to protect themselves against financial crises. An example could be a sudden costly health emergency. Having an investment ensures that you are financially secured to meet such unforeseen circumstances.

Financial Independence

Your investment enables you to be independent and not rely on others in financial crises. It ensures that you have enough money to pay for your needs and wants for the rest of your life without having to rely on someone else or having to work in your old age.

Wealth Building

People save and then invest their savings over time to build their wealth. In this process, the profit from the investments is reinvested into the same financial instrument or even something else. This way they build their wealth systematically.

Achieve Life Goals

Some people set specific goals in life and invest to achieve those goals. They could be short term, medium or long term in nature. For example, dream to buy a house or a new car or take a trip around the world. Investing your money according to your goals will enable you to grow your money and achieve your goals quickly without you having to work all your life