Effective Inter-department communication is crucial to achieve efficiency.







Mr. Zaheer Iqbal is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and a Fellow member of the Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA). Before assuming the role of Head of Operations, he has worked on multiple positions within the organization. He holds professional experience of over 15 years. Before joining NBP Funds, Mr. Zaheer was associated with A. F. Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants, a member firm of PwC. In this capacity, he conducted and finalized audits of several businesses.

What does successful communication between different departments mean to you?

Effective Inter-department communication is crucial to achieve efficiency in any company. It builds trust within the organization. When departments trust each other to deliver accurate information, the factors that slow down the processes are eliminated making organizations efficient. In Mutual Fund Industry where every activity revolves around the investor i.e. receiving investment from the investor, providing best returns to investors and providing the investor best services, it is all about accurate and efficient communication between various departments.

As a Head of Operations, how do you ensure that your team works efficiently and effectively?

I maintain direct interaction with my team and divide the workload based on activity to keep a balanced work distribution in my team. Clear job descriptions are provided to everyone. In addition to this daily reporting mechanism has been introduced where my team sends me daily report summarizing the activities performed during the day and pending work in hand that needs to be done. This reporting mechanism allows me to gauge the pending tasks and workload of everyone, helping me monitor and manage my team effectively.

What in your terms is an ideal operations management team?

Operations department faces new challenges daily in terms of investor queries, new services, efficient mode of payment and implementation of new regulations, etc. An ideal Operations team would consist of educated, hardworking and calm people who can act according to the situation.

Could you spend a day without your phone at work?

Yes, I would love to spend a day without my phone so that I could devote my day to think about potential improvements that can be made in the organization to increase efficiency. I would also love to spend more time with my family.