Sponsors & Company Information

Sponsors & Company Information


National Bank of Pakistan

NBP is Pakistan’s leading commercial bank with total assets of over Rs. 3.1 trillion and deposits of over Rs. 2.1 trillion (as at December 31, 2019). The bank has a distribution network of more than 1,511 branches in Pakistan and also has more than 21 overseas branches in all major global regions including USA, Europe, Far East, and the Middle East. NBP has been awarded best possible rating of AAA/A-1+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited.

Baltoro Growth Fund

Baltoro Growth Fund is a Pakistan-focused investment firm that provides support to grow ambitious businesses into industry leaders, delivering global standard services and products to Pakistan’s domestic market. Having raised capital from some of the world’s premier international Financial Institutions, the Fund leverages its substantial experience in strategy, capital markets, and corporate governance to assist its investee companies to ensure quality to their consumers throughout their growth phase. Baltoro has made three investments in pharmaceutical, renewable energy, and financial services

Company Information
Company Registration Number: 0052217
Company National Tax Number: 2531949-3
Status of Company: Unlisted Public Limited Company
Auditors Name: A.F. Ferguson & Co, Chartered Accountant
Legal Advisor: Akhund Forbes Hadi (Corporate, Commercial and Litigation Law Firm)
Memberships: 1. Mutual Fund Association of Pakistan
2. Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry
3. Management Association of Pakistan
Regulators of the Company: Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
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Pattern of Shareholding
Shareholders Number of shares* %
National Bank of Pakistan 13,499,996 54%
Baltoro Growth Fund 9,000,000 36%
Individuals 2,500,000 10%
Directors 4
25,000,000 100%

* Par value is Rs.10/- per share

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License for Asset Management Services as Non-Banking Finance Company Click here to view