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SwiftPay Notes & Disclaimers



I understand that if SwiftPay request is submitted after the cut off time (9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. business days only), that transaction will be processed on the next working day and that I would not hold NBP Funds and Trustee responsible for any loss consequent to such processing of SwiftPay request on the next working day. All Terms and Conditions apply.


I have read and understood the guidelines as stated in the Offering Document & Trust Deed of the funds and the risks involved.

b) The redemption rates and conditions would be in accordance with the terms set in the Trust Deed & Offering Document.

c) Redemption value of units may go up or down based on redemption price as announced by NBP Funds.

d) I understand that redemption (either in part or full) is liable to capital gains tax, if any.

e) I understand that if SwiftPay transaction is returned unpaid, the same will be processed through normal process and proceeds will be transferred as a normal procedure.

f) I understand that NBP Funds/ Trustee will not be responsible if delays in transferring proceeds are beyond their control.

g) I, hereby waive and discharge NBP Funds and the trustee fully from any implied or express obligation of confidentiality / non-disclosure, which may result as a consequence of NBP Funds complying with the request herein above and/or any break-down, malfunction, erroneous or unauthorized transmission or access to the Statements of Account and the related services.