NBP Funds Islamic Saving Plans

NBP Funds Islamic Saving Plans

Initial investment of Rs. 10 Lacs and monthly Rs. 50,000 in underlying fund of NBP Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan grew to 1.58 Crore in 11 Years

Benchmark grew to 1.24 Crore*

Investing in the right place allows your savings to grow to combat increasing costs & meet your goals

Key Benefits:

  • Grows your savings by investing them smartly as per your chosen strategy
  • Withdraw your Investment Anytime without Penalty or Profit Reduction (Taxes apply)
  • Under Supervision of Shari’ah Advisory Board with Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani as Chairman

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    Formerly; NAFA Islamic Surmaya Izafa Plan; Risk profile/ Risk of principal erosion: (NISIP) High/Principal at High Risk; *Performance of underlying funds based on the strategy plans is as follows NISIP: 100% NISIF. NISIF: NBP ISLAMIC SARMAYA IZAFA FUND. Fund Category: Open-end – Shari’ah Compliant Asset Allocation. Riskprofile/ Risk of principal erosion: High/Principal at High Risk; Note: Performance shown is of the underlying funds as on December 31, 2021, based on dividend reinvestment gross of withholding Taxes, excluding cost of front end load. The performance reported is net of Management Fee and all other expenses. Taxes apply as per current income tax law; Disclaimer: All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Documents to understand investment policies and the risks involved. The underlying scheme NISIF holds certain non-compliant investments. Before making any investment decision, investors should review the latest monthly Fund Manager Report and Financial Statements. The reported returns may include provisioning and reversal of provisioning against some debt securities. NBP Funds will play a facilitating role by assisting the insured or the nominee in claim processing. NBP Funds or any of its sales representative cannot guarantee preservation / protection of capital and / or expected returns / profit on investments. The use of the name and logo of National Bank of Pakistan does not mean it is responsible for the liabilities/ obligations of the Company (NBP Fund Management Limited) or any investment scheme managed by it.