An SMA is a tailor-made financial solution to cater to investors individual requirements. This involves a financial advisor building a customized investment strategy based on the investors return requirements, risk profile, and objectives. For High Net Worth Individuals, Corporates, Trust, employee funds and etc. SMA account offers a perfect opportunity to help meet their specific financial goals.

An investment policy statement (IPS) is a document drafted by a portfolio manager which as a guideline document covers the investment goals, Return objectives, Risk Profile, investments constraints and describes the strategy under which the SMA will be managed.

A Mutual Fund is a listed pool of multiple investors’ money in a portfolio of assets subject to the objectives defined in the Fund’s Offering Document. An SMA however, is an individual investor’s portfolio which is customized to meet the specific objectives of the investor as outlined in their IPS and can be changed in discussion with the Portfolio Manager.

Yes. Investors have the option to allocate their assets in Islamic securities based on their preference.

Minimum investment required for SMA at NBP Funds is Rs. 5 million for both individuals and corporates.

Investments can be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

You can alter your SMA’s allocation structure by simply consulting the Portfolio Manager with your new preferred investment mix.