An Asset Management Company (AMC) is a highly regulated institution that invests its clients' pooled funds into investment avenues that match declared financial objectives. Asset management companies provide investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have by themselves

The Central Depository Committee (CDC) is the trustee for all the funds offered by NBP Funds.

Yes, all funds offered by NBP Funds are listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

A benchmark in case of Mutual Funds, represents the market in which the Mutual Fund invests money. The performance of the benchmark is considered to be the average performance of all the investors in that market. A Mutual Fund’s performance is compared with the benchmark in order to find out whether the Fund performed better than the market. All actively managed Funds try to perform better than their specified benchmarks.

Yes, our company is rated “AM1” (Very High Quality) by PACRA (The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited). This is the highest investment rating in Pakistan.

NBP Funds dedicated Shari'ah Advisory Board ensures that the operation and investments made for the Shari'ah Compliant unit trusts are in compliance with the recognized principles of Shari'ah.

Request for redemption can be made by completing and submitting the prescribed Redemption Form and endorsing the relevant Unit Certificate, if issued. The request for redemption would be honored after verifying the signature and other particulars of the Unit Holder.

Units are offered to the public at a price equal to Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit plus sales load. Sales load is a given percentage of NAV.

NAV is the Net Asset Value. It is the redemption price of an individual unit of a Mutual Fund.

NAV = (Current Market Value of all the Assets – Liabilities) / Total Number of Units Outstanding

Sales load is the sales charge on open-end funds applied to unit/shareholders. It is a given fixed percentage of Net Asset Value per Unit. Some mutual funds recover the sales load when investors purchase the units (Front End Load), whereas others do when investors redeem (encash) the units (Back End Load). Mutual Funds generally do not charge sales load on reinvestment of dividend. The shorter the period of investment, the greater will be the impact of the sales load. Maximum benefit can be derived from Mutual Fund investments by regularly investing, reinvesting the dividend and holding the investment for a longer period.

Yes, front end load is specific to each fund. Please select your fund of choice in our products tab to view details.

There is no back end load on any of NBP Funds’ units

A Unit Holder may transfer any Units held by that Unit Holder to any other Account Holder by submitting a properly filled Transfer Form (NBP Funds Form 04).

A Unit Holder may convert the units from one Fund into units of another Fund managed by the Management Company by submitting a properly filled Exchange of Units Form (NBP Funds Form 06). The Transfer Agent shall carry out the conversion after satisfying that all the requisite formalities have been fulfilled and payment of the applicable taxes, fees and/or load, if any, has been received.

Yes. The following procedure will be involved:

  • The investor has to fill out the Pledge Form (NBP Funds Form 05) link available with us and submit it to the respective bank.
  • The bank will send that form to Transfer Agent to mark lien on the units.
  • The Transfer Agent will mark lien on the units and inform the bank.
  • The bank then, subject to its own conditions, releases the loan.
  • The loan amount will vary based on the type of Fund you have invested in.

Investment can only be made in Pak Rupees (PKR).

If the investor has a bank account outside the city of Karachi, we prefer to be paid by a pay order or a demand draft from investors own Bank Accounts. However, cheques are also acceptable in such cases. The reason why we discourage outstation cheques is that it may take a few days to realize the payment.

Yes, we do accept third party cheques at the time of sale. If you are using a cheque of another individual at the time of your investment, then a Third-Party Declaration is also required (mandatory). For third party declaration please click here.

Yes. NBP Funds Offers its investors Insurance / Takaful Coverage on various investment solutions. For details click here.

Yes, zakat will be deducted at source unless Zakat exemption declaration form (CZ-50) is submitted with the transfer agent.