App User Guide

App User Guide

NBP Funds Mobile App User Guide

NBP Funds Mobile Application provides our investors with access to all the key functions of their account.

You can log into NBP Funds Mobile App using;

  • The Username and password selected at the time of registering account in NBP Funds Digital or NBP Funds Mobile App
  • If your account is not registered, register your account from JOIN NOW section in NBP Funds Mobile App or Existing Investor? Register Now section of NBP Funds Digital portal and set credentials of your choice.

If the mobile app is logged in, but there is no activity by the user for 15 minutes after login, then the app will automatically log the user off and return the user to the login screen.

The full menu slides out from the left once you swipe the Menu button. From the Menu you can quickly go to the following;

1. All Account: Here you can find a summary of all your folios and balance against each folio.

2. Account Statement: Here you can view your account statement for the selected period of each fund. You can also request it on your registered email address.

3. E-Transactions:

    a) Fund to Fund Transfer:Here you can transfer your investment from one fund to another.

    b) Swift PayUnder this option you can transfer your investments in each fund into your own account registered with NBP Funds, within 45 minutes of acceptance of transfer request.

    c) Normal Redemption Under this option you can transfer any amount into your own account registered with NBP Funds. The amount shall be transferred according to the redemption policy of the Company (ie within 24 hours).

4. E-Banking:

    a) Bank Transfer: Here you can transfer up to Rs 200,000 or 60% of your overall investments, whichever is lower, into your own account registered with NBP Funds or in the account of any registered beneficiary (third party transfer), instantly after receiving the transfer request.

    b) Bill Payment: Here you can pay your electricity, gas and other utility bills.

    c) Mobile Recharge: Here you can pay your prepaid mobile bills.

    d) Manage Beneficiary: Here you can add your beneficiary accounts for payments and fund transfers. You have to register the biller/beneficiary before making any payments. In order to register the biller/ beneficiary, fill up all the fields given. The mandatory fields are marked with (*).

5. Account Settings:

    a) Account Profile: Here you can view your personal details registered with that account. If you wish to change any information, you have to fill Special Instruction form and submit it to any NBP Funds branch near you.

    b) Change Transaction Code: You can change and set your transaction code to perform online transactions.

    c) Change Password: You can change your password anytime meeting the following criteria; Minimum & Maximum Password Length: Password must be minimum 8 to maximum 20 characters in length. Password must have:

    • At least 1 uppercase letter [A-Z]
    • At least 1 lowercase letter [a-z]
    • At least 1 numeric value [0-9]
    • At least 1 special character [[email protected]#$.,*-+'”`^,:;|&]
    • Password must not contain your username
    • Password must not be your last password

Link Accounts: You can link one account with the rest accounts to manage them with ease.

E-Banking Activation: You can activate your e-banking facility from your mobile app. If you have not submitted the form then fill Debit Card and E-banking form and submit it to your nearest NBP Funds Branch before activating via Mobile App or NBP Funds Digital portal.

    Users can access following features within the Mobile App without logging into their account;

  • About Us This tab provides information about NBP Funds, its Sponsors Board of Directors, Senior Management and Shariah Supervisory Board.

  • How to Invest? Here you can get information on the procedure of investing in Mutual Fund, Plans and VPS in NBP Funds.

  • Calculator Here we have placed certain calculators in order to help you in your financial planning and investment decisions. Following types of Calculators are given;

    • VPS Simulator

    • Tax Saving Calculator

    • Risk Profiling Questionnaire

    • Financial Goals Calculator

    • Retirement Calculator

  • Fund Prices (NAV) Here you will find the current and historical Net Asset Value of all the funds for any period you may want. Further, under the “Return Calculator” tab you can calculate the return on any fund in NAV terms for any period you may want and since inception.

  • Fund Manager Report You will find our monthly Fund Managers’ Reports of all the Funds offered by NBP Funds.

  • News Here you will find the latest news and fund announcements from NBP Funds

  • Speak to us With one click you can communicate with NBP Funds through;

  • Branch locations This will guide you the location of our branches near to your location and all our branches across Pakistan.