Interim Dividend Distribution FY-2018-19

June 21, 2019

Dividend distribution for the FY-2018-19 will be announced as per following schedule: – June 24, 2019NAFA Income Opportunity Fund,NBP Islamic Savings Fund (Formerly; NAFA Islamic Income Fund),NBP Savings Fund (Formerly; NAFA Income Fund),NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund (Formerly; NBP Aitemaad Mahana Amdani Fund),NAFA Government Securities Liquid Fund,NBP Mahana Amdani Fund (Formerly; NAFA Savings Plus Fund),NAFA Islamic Money Market Fund,NAFA Active Allocation Riba Free Savings Fund – June 26, 2019NAFA Riba Free Savings Fund,NAFA Financial Sector Income Fund,NAFA Money Market Fund,NAFA Government Securities Savings Fund,NAFA Islamic Capital Preservation Plan-I,NAFA Islamic Capital Preservation Plan-II,NAFA Islamic Capital Preservation Plan-III,NBP Government Securities Plan-I.