Zulfiqar Ali

Head of Business Planning and Analytics

A good leader is the one who invests in building close knit team that works well together.






Sports and Arts

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali serves as the Head of Business Planning and Analytics at NBP Fund Management Limited. He leads the team of qualified professionals responsible for automating business processes and conducting in-depth business analysis to drive efficiency within the organization. Since joining NBP Funds in November 2015, Mr. Zulfiqar has played a key role in bringing positive change in the organization. Before this role, he worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at NBP Funds where his primary tasks were to identify and analyse new business opportunities and cultivate relationships with potential institutional clients in the region.

Prior to NBP Funds, he worked as a Senior Operational and Market Risk Analyst in Risk Management Division of Askari Bank Limited. Earlier in his career, Mr. Zulfiqar worked as a Senior Consultant at EY where he was involved in conducting internal audits, risk management and business process re-engineering projects.

What role does the Business Planning and Analytics Unit play at NBP Funds?

Business Planning and Analytics unit works across cross functional teams in order to improve business planning methods while automating the processes to drive effectiveness and efficiency within the organization.

This unit is responsible for reviewing procedural documents to manage and maintain objectives of the organization, drive the business direction, develop solutions and road maps while assessing potential business impacts.

This unit also develops enhanced monitoring function which tracks the business performance against the forecasts on periodic basis while identifying actionable insights.

How important do you think are Business Intelligence Solutions for NBP Funds?

The key purpose of business intelligence solutions at NBP Funds is to support data-driven business decision making. Business intelligence solutions are used to maintain, optimize and streamline current operations. They improve and maintain operational efficiency and help companies increase organizational productivity.

Business intelligence solutions offer many benefits, including powerful reporting and data analytics capabilities. Using rich data visualization mechanisms like real-time dashboards, readable and intuitive reports can be generated that contain relevant and actionable data.

As a Head of Business Planning and Analytics, what is your management style?

I do not have a single style of management. I assess the situation thoroughly before deciding the actions to take to get desired results. In my view a good leader is the one who invests in building a close-knit team that works well together.

I encourage my team to participate in the decision-making process because of the diversity of ideas they bring. I constantly challenge them and motivate them with the idea that they can reach their potential if they just keep pushing themselves. I stand right by my team’s side, doing whatever I can to help them get better and do well. Investing in the long-term development of employees is the best way to achieve sustainable results.

My main focus is to oversee my team’s individual development and bringing my team together. The best teams are the most united teams, and an employee experiences the most professional growth when both their leader and teammates invest in their development.

In case of immediate crisis situations, I choose to reassign tasks or pick up the slack myself.

Apart from your job what are your other passions?

Playing tennis and painting are my passions other than work. Playing tennis trains my mind to react quickly and decisively under pressure and helps in maintaining physical fitness. It is a battle of wits and teaches oneself to deal with setbacks and defeat.

While, painting is an effective way to reduce stress and relax. It allows the mind to focus on the task at hand. This focus toward one central topic relieves stress on the mind and in turn makes us experience tranquillity. Art develops a willingness to explore ideas which have not existed before and thereby, generates a love for learning and creativity. It teaches risk taking, learning from one’s mistakes, and being open to other possibilities.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

To be consistent in your efforts. As the famous American author and life coach Anthony Robbins said “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Working hard every so often towards your goals is not enough to achieve success in life. You will need to be consistent in your efforts. It is easy to strive when things are working out for you, anyone can do that. It is during times of distress, when you are engulfed in self-doubt, that your greatest strides are made.

People tend to give up when uncertainty overpowers them during such times, regardless of their goals. Consistency is being steadfast and showing commitment towards your goals in such times.

This advice can serve anyone of any age at any time.