Samiuddin Ahmed

Country Head Corporate Marketing

Employees should have the freedom to express irrespective of their roles and positions.







Mr. Samiuddin look after overall corporate sales & marketing portfolio of the company. With experience spread over a decade in financial markets of Pakistan with local & international brokerage houses and leading asset management companies, he has performed in various roles including management of distribution channel, training & liaison with priority banking teams and leading corporate sales team engaged in promoting asset management products in Pakistan.

Mr. Samiuddin is a member of Institute of Capital Markets. Before joining NBP FUNDS, he was associated with UBL Fund Managers as Regional Manager Corporate Sales.

Describe your ideal work environment.

An ideal work environment should be conducive where idea generation, creative & logical thinking should be promoted. Employees should have the freedom to express irrespective of their roles and positions. They should have enough confidence that their ideas and thoughts don't only reach ears but also get implemented if they are in-line with the organizational objectives. In short, the environment should be healthy, competitive and rewarding where people look forward to working at the start of each day with full enthusiasm and new targets.

How do you keep your clients engaged?

Engagement with the clients is the core element of making relationship management a big success. Frequent visits/interactions with the clients not only help in the financial planning process but their feedback also helps us in improving our products and service quality. This is an era where technology and social media is speeding the process of globalization and at the same time aiding in accessing clients and addressing their needs more conveniently.

In your opinion, what is the best strategy to build a positive team spirit in a team?

The success of a team lies with the leadership and team spirit. The team should have the confidence that their loyalty, hard work, and positive efforts will be recognized and not only the results. They should have enough confidence that even their failures are accepted as learning from failure may result in achieving targets more precisely.

What is your dream vacation destination and why?

Europe has a rich history and offers great diversity in culture because of which it is my destination for a vacation.