Dividend Distribution 2016-17

June 15, 2017

NBP Funds will distribute dividend for the financial year 2016-17 on two different dates. Half of the Funds will distribute their incomes on Monday June 19, 2017 and remaining half on Wednesday June 21, 2016 respectively.

The fund wise distribution will be as follows:

Distribution on Monday 19-Jun-2017:
NAFA Money Market Fund,
NAFA Financial Sector Income Fund,
NAFA Income Fund,
NAFA Savings Plus Fund,
NAFA Islamic Income Fund (Formerly; NAFA Islamic Aggressive Income Fund),
NAFA Multi Asset Fund,
NAFA Islamic Stock Fund,
NAFA Stock Fund,
NAFA Active Allocation Riba Free Savings Fund,
NAFA Islamic Active Allocation Equity Fund.

Distribution on Wednesday 21-Jun-2017:
NAFA Government Securities Liquid Fund,
NAFA Income Opportunity Fund,
NAFA Government Securities Savings Fund,
NAFA Riba Free Savings Fund,
NAFA Islamic Energy Fund,
NAFA Islamic Asset Allocation Fund,
NAFA Asset Allocation Fund,
NAFA Islamic Principal Protected Fund-I,
NAFA Islamic Principal Protected Fund-II,
NAFA Islamic Principal Preservation Fund,
NAFA Islamic Active Allocation Fund-I,
NAFA Islamic Active Allocation Fund-II.

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